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      Date: Apr  6, 2012
     Title: Our Accomplishments

Our Accomplishments

Nurturing Hearts takes pride in servicing its community.  Take a look at our many accolades, awards and accomplishments!

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2006-2007 Life changing testimony from Aleya from Gannondale credits Nurturing Hearts for changingher life for the better.

2007-2008-Asha from Central Transition School (Alternative Education) got accepted back into herRegular school Central Tech, graduates and attends college in ATL.

2009-2010-General Electric African American Forums Ready for the World Event, Nurturing Hearts wasrated the #1 workshop by over 200 students!

2010-2011-Life changing testimony:

2011-2012 – First Annual Nurturing Hearts and UPMC Hamots Beautiful Girls Workshop 65 inattendance 35 signed up for our 6mo. Month positive self esteem healthy lifestyle and career optionsprogram. Girls stated an increase in self esteem and believing in their dreams.

Nurturing Hearts have served well over 350 girls who have shown positive changes in grades, schoolattendance and behavior!!
Recognition and appreciation letters from the following: